ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — President Biden has issued a landmark executive order surrounding artificial intelligence.

It’s primarily set out to create new standards for AI safety and security, and to help protect Americans’ privacy.

The order came down from the White House Monday, and is focused on managing the risks of AI.

As part of this, it puts a responsibility on companies developing models that pose a serious risk to notify the federal government when training the model, with a requirement of shared results on safety tests.

And, the Commerce Department will also develop guidance and watermarking to label AI-generated content.

Jeffrey Allan serves as Director for Nazareth University’s Institute for Technology. He broke down some of what the order will accomplish, and how it aligns with studies at Nazareth.

“Having a way to authenticate that and do so reliably and put the accountability on the AI companies to be able to identify the project of their own AI is a very logical first step,” Allan said. “I think for the Biden Executive Order, a lot of the content is still very high level. It’s not well defined yet and that’s going to happen at the Congressional level where they institute the new laws to regulate how we need to enforce these things and then who’s responsible for enforcing them.”

As Allan mentions, the Biden Administration plans to continue working with congress for bipartisan legislation to help the U.S. to lead the way in responsible innovation.