PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — Nazareth College is planning to offer a full, in-person experience during the upcoming fall semester. While this won’t mean all courses will be in-person, the president said an “overwhelming majority” will be.

Carolyn Carlic started at Nazareth College in fall of 2019. That was the first and last full semester she experienced normalcy before COVID-19. This fall, she’ll get to experience something close to that again.

“I have one word, I’m super ecstatic for it. I’m so excited I’m also a little nervous because we also have to adjust to that,” Carlic said. “Being in an in-person classroom really is more beneficial.”

President Beth Paul said if the state lifts the six foot distancing restriction, the college plans to hold 1,100 undergraduate courses in person, 60 hybrid, and 98 online.

“We do believe it’s very likely we will be seeing at least a three foot distancing requirements. However, we have been very clever this year in repurposing spaces and we will not release those spaces until we know what those changed conditions are,” Paul said.

She said they also plan for a “fuller experience” with living on campus, clubs, and events.

Carlic said while doing a lot of this on Zoom has still offered a lot of opportunity, there’s nothing like being in person.

“It’s been a little difficult to have meetings and do activities, but I’m doing research so it has been a little difficult to not all be in the lab at once,” she said. “I’m excited to see my friends again because we’ve all made our circles very small so it’ll be nice to relax with them and not be so stressed about COVID.”

Paul started at Nazareth in July and has never seen the campus in full swing.

“I can hardly wait, I feel the same way the students do, I am yearning for that feeling of in-person community,” Paul said. “There’s no going back, we’re not going back to normal, we’re going forward to an enriched experience.”

The college also plans to restart the study abroad program in spring of 2022.

Nazareth was recently recognized for being among the top 15 colleges in the nation for its pandemic crisis response.