ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – With schools being shut down, one area school is turning to virtual classrooms so students can continue their education. The learning never stops for students at Rochester Academy Charter School.

Right now the students in all three campuses have taken home chromebooks. With that, students can hop online during a Google Zoom conference. It is like being in a classroom and seeing your classmates and instructors.

Teachers have mustered a schedule where students will be online during normal school hours and have designated hours for each content/subject area. The teachers are available the whole time during the instruction and even after if needed.

“We’ve all rearranged our houses a little bit. But we’re all teaching from home,” said Cassie Scully, 6th grade science & STEM teacher.  “We wake up, we log on, we’re available during our designated time, hop on and zoom live conference. It allows our students to see our faces and have some kind familiarity and see it.” 

“So far it’s been a little rough patch. Sometimes you don’t want to go in but often I’ll get my work done,” said Kentrell Holt, student. “Just keep working hard, just keep working hard and do what you want to do but I also know that if you don’t do it in school that also affects you in your life.” 

The plans came about as the school anticipated a possible shutdown due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in our area.

“We don’t know when we are going to reopen.  We want to ensure that our students don’t lose this time for instruction. In the end next year they’re going to move on and we want to make sure the skills they need now so the decision was made do you ensure we are continuing instruction to support growth to our students,” said Matt Juda, Assistant Principal. 

School officials have also been cleaning and sanitizing the entire campus as students are away.  They add they’re monitoring the developments on the virus and will be making changes accordingly.