ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Several high school seniors in Rochester received a gift from Li-Cycle on Thursday — Edison Tech Free Laptops!

Li-Cycle is a lithium-ion battery recycler that has been expanding to Rochester for the past few years. The company teamed up with local non-profit organization Shift2 to donate the computers to 60 seniors.

The students received the refurbished computers for completing a college application, a financial aid application. or because they are pursuing a trade.

Tyler Gibson is a student who received a computer. He is studying psychology next year and says that this is a financial burden that was taken off of his shoulders.

I’m heading onto a new chapter of my life and as we know technology is a big part of our life and everyday situations,” said Gibson. “You’re going to need computers, especially going onto college, so getting this opportunity to get a free computer through school is an amazing opportunity for me.”

Li-Cycle says that they have been supporting Shift2’s mission to give laptops to people in Rochester who do not have access to technology, adding that their collaboration aims to address issues in education, job employment, and even homelessness.

Shift2 has donated 2,500 laptops and computers over the past five years.