ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Hilton Central School District announced they have received a request to re-evaluate an LGBTQ+ book that is in the high school’s library.

According to the district, they will be assembling a Special Review Committee to review the book “This Book is Gay” — a non-fiction book about sexuality. The committee will then recommend the school board on the book’s status in the school.

District officials outlined the process of assembling the committee — they ask residents in the Hilton School District to volunteer to serve on the committee by completing a form emailed to parents. If they receive over three volunteers, they will hold a lottery to select who will serve.

“This Book is Gay” has been the subject of bomb threats that were sent recently to the Hilton Central School District. Since then, the threats have been confirmed to be hoaxes.

However, some members of the Hilton community expressed concerns about the safety of their children. Some residents even expressed concerns about “This Book is Gay” — with some saying that the book teaches kids not to be afraid of who they are while others say the content inside the book is inappropriate.

Those wishing to volunteer for the review committee can fill out the form before April 14.