ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wednesday marks the first day of school for students of the Mary Cariola Center’s educational program.

New and returning students got off the buses and met their teachers and peers — who welcomed them to their classes. Many of the teachers, including Ashley Patterson, have been excitedly waiting for classes to begin.

“We are so excited here at Mary Cariola because our instruction is so individualized, we take a lot of time to prep, so we are reading IEPs, we’re prepping workstations, and we are training staff,” Patterson said. “We are just getting ready to make our classrooms look great and greet all of our kids today.”

The Mary Cariola Center is an organization that provides programs to children and individuals with disabilities. One of the programs the center provides is education for Rochester youth. According to their website, the program provides a foundation of learning for younger students. For older students, they provide a curriculum while also teaching them life skills.

Officials said their educational programs serve a variety of people with intellectual disabilities — such as degenerative conditions, behavioral issues, emotional issues, and autism.

More information about all the programs that the Mary Cariola Center provides can be found on the center’s website.