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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe Community College is offering a new online tool that could help you identify a new career path based upon your experience and skills.

Dr. Todd Oldham, Vice President at Monroe Community College, explained how the online tool SkillsMatch works Monday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“SkillsMatch is actually a platform that we’ve partnered with one of our data partners and it basically allows us – or a student really – to assess and inventory the skill sets that they have already and then based on that assessment they can begin to be aligned with other skills sets that are next step skills, if you will, but also mapping them to the programs at the college that will teach those skills to help build on their background, but also then – if they desired – also match them to opportunities in the current market based on that matching score,” Oldham said.

The idea is to establish what skills a person has and what courses can help them take those skills to a higher level. “One of the processes we have to go through is to essentially have all of the learning outcomes at the course level for the entire catalog of the college to basically be tagged through using various algorithms,” Oldham explained. “And, so once that’s done, then we have essentially asset-tagged our entire catalog and that allows us then to look at individuals and what they have and determine where they want to go using that inventory in the background.”

Oldham said SkillsMatch is available to everyone, not just students at MCC. “Because as we’ve deployed it on our website it’s basically a cloud-based tool so individuals who want to use it – there’s a self-service aspect to it. They can go ahead and experiment with it and get matches and use that information to benefit their searches and potentially whatever education they might be going for.”

He added, “We think it’s a really powerful tool, particularly in the current time we’re in with looking at COVID recovery. If we have individuals, or if you are an individual that’s looking at – you’ve been laid off or you know you need to shift you can use this tool. You can upload your resume. It’s a really neat tool. Download your LinkedIn profile and have the tool asset tag basically what you’re implying you have. It will pull that information out, allow you to edit, suggest other next-step skills you might want to consider based on the pattern. So that’s a great way, a very fast way, to assess yourself with the tool.”

Ultimately, SkillsMatch will help Monroe Community College offer better courses for students, and give students the skills they need to land better jobs. “You know the real goal here is that we’ve been noticing – it’s kind of a trend in a lot of the work that we do with industry that a lot of the demand that we’re getting is building custom curriculum as well as pulling courses out of existing academic programming – that it was not as much, in some cases, the degree that’s driving the need by the employer, but they’re looking for the skill that is implied by the degree,” Oldham said. “So this is a step for us to be able to do that and benefit, hopefully, the student.”

The website is for more information or to try it out for yourself.

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