Dogs get cold too; protecting your pets from the elements


There are many ways to keep your pet warm in the winter, the easiest one being to bring them in during bitter cold snaps.

Lollipop Farm makes sure that their dogs get plenty of exercise outside, but know that it is important to keep them warm during extended periods outside. “There are some breeds that are a little more adept,” said, Ashley Zeh, Associate director of communications at Lollipop Farm. “Especially your dogs that have a bigger winter coat. They may be a little better, but it’s important to look into their individual needs.”

The Park Ave Pets store has coat from extra small to extra large. Lisa Jacques is the owner and says while coats are important, boots are just as important, especially for dogs in urban areas. “The salt can really dry out the pads,” said Jacques. “The salt can get between the pads, little ice balls can get between the pads, and your dog will start limping and you’ll have to either get it out with your fingers or they’ll have to lick it out, so the booties prevent all that.”

New York State law does protect pets that are left outside in the cold, saying that they need adequate shelter, just like humans.

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