ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — We want to know what folks in our area are doing during this time of isolation to stay safe, happy, and healthy.

On this page we’ll continue to compile a list of activities, videos, and photos from our viewers, as a way to share with each other. We’re all in this together, and maybe someone else’s idea can spark some imagination in your home.

Let us know what you’ve been up to! You can send your videos, photos, or just typed-out tales through email at, through our Facebook, or through our Twitter.

We’ll keep this list updated as more responses come in. Thanks for contributing and stay safe out there!

What have you been up to?

Doreen Brockler: I have been Facetiming my grandkids. I normally watch them Monday-Friday, but haven’t seen them in over a week. I miss them terribly! Otherwise, staying in and washing my hands a lot!

Logan John: Nature walks, games, and homeschooling my daughter has been a great experience. She’s 6 and read to me for the first time!

Nathan Wirth: Trying to keep up on the exercise from home. Push-ups, sit-ups, and a lot of curls!

Noa Ferguson: Spectrum Creative Arts is offering free weekly arts programming (music, art, dance, theatre) on Facebook live. Content is accessibly for tiny tots through seniros, and meant to keep our minds and bodies active!

Bill D’Ettorre: This may sound stupid, but I have a few hundred T-shirts, so everyday I’m wearing a different shirt, posting a picture and trying to write something entertaining about it for my Facebook followers. Gives me a reason to get dressed.

Cathy Catanzarite Medina: Three generations hiking (and keeping our social distance).

Cathy Catanzarite Medina photo

Debbie Pangburn Youngs: Facebook and telephone. I am enjoying reading the responses, a couple have made me laugh and the rest make me smile to know that people are doing their best during this trying time. We are the champions and we are strong, we will get through this!

Deb Johnston Rawdon: Phone calls, texting, working on my final research paper and cleaning out in the house. Trying to rake the lawn, but it’s cold here in Potsdam!

Cody Zavaglia: Fishing! It’s the best social distancing hobby.

Cody Zavaglia photo

Mari Santiago Estremera: Facebook video messaging is a great way to connect with all your family across the states and in Puerto Rico. We have been connecting and you can play games and the filters are funny — it’s a great time!

Paulie Nguyen: Drive to the state parks for relief anxiety and get out of the vehicle and enjoy the fresh air!

Marry Bills: My 94-year-old mother and I found these in the back yard, there is still beauty all around us.

Beth Moore Rhodes: We created a private Facebook group for my daughter’s UPK class. The teacher was so awesome and recorded what the kids do frequently in class. Watching my child so happy to have that one part of her routine back was amazing and emotional.

Jack Best says he and the Best extended family have been meeting virtually from five locations: Penfield, Pittsford, Webster, Syracuse, and Cornwall. “This works even better for grandpa (me), if I go to their homes, I have to stand outside while we look at each other through the front storm window.”

Jack Best photo

Rita Shanks: I actually just started using my landline. Haven’t picked this phone up in who knows how long, weird but it works. Just hearing my grandson’s voice makes my heart beat happy. I also use Facetime so I can see my older children laugh and spend time with them. God will work all this out! Just being patient and washing hands and wiping down hard surface until this coronavirus comes to an end!

Matthew Fuehrer: We are having camp fires and game nights. Building up the immune system.

Lori Coe Houghton: My daughter and her college friends are doing virtual Pilates online.

Sandy Allen: We are in Ithaca playing Jackbox games with our daughter in Syracuse and our son in Cortland.

Stephanie Rosebro Ritchie: Friends and I had a virtual cocktail party last night. Spent two hours catching up :).

Fred Gerstner Wild: Sent us this video of catching some big air while out getting some fresh air:

Ashley Cresce: Our neighborhood is going to start chalking on the sidewalks. Positive messages for each other and cute stuff for the kids to enjoy during walks.

Laurie Bas Rounsville: Facebook, texting — I have to go to work and I got plenty of people while I’m there, so quiet and alone time in the evening is fine with me.

Mary Hutchinson: Amazon echo shows with all the family, and Zoom for church services.

Garret Leigh Wegman is staying busy on his bike with some slick tricks:

Kym Elizabeth: Family meetings on Zoom.

Corinne Taylor: Facebook chat, Facetime happy hours, group texts.

Kathy Meyer: Video chats for my kids with grandparents and watching live videos from zoos.

Meagan Tribunella: Working from home, working out and home schooling my 8 year old. Fun times!

Cheri Trimble: Painting. Here are my before and after pictures:

Daniel Tucker: Binge watching Modern Family

Maia Ellisif: I am going to put together a workout video playlist on YouTube. I’m going to get my hands on a yoga mat. The lviing room is about to become a home gym. After, of course, I can go for juice at the juice bar in the kitchen. Ginger ale + lychee + mango + orange = yum!

Kyra Stephenson: Coloring, baking cupcakes, working out, taking walks in the woods and watching the birds on our bird feeders

Kyra Stephenson photo

Timothy Mercer: So far, being an essential worker. Playing games on my phone and computer, being a seat and bed for my cats, watching DVDs, watching YouTube videos, body training and solo martial arts training, working on the house.

Linda Schirching: Finished a puzzle of New York’s Time Square and now working on the Vegas strip. Places that are usually filled with people and now empty, but it’s uplifting to put these puzzles together as I know these cities will be back to life soon.We all will be back to our everyday lives soon. If we work together we will be OK.

Linda Schirching photo

Karen Marley: I’m taking yoga classes with Tru Yoga of Rochester! The instructors are amazing and classes are calming, inspiring, and nurturing. Last Monday the studio started using Zoom for remote classes. You can pay $10 for each class which helps keep the studio and instructors in business or use your monthly pass, which I’m keeping because of these classes. In addition to getting outside for walks the yoga keeps you focused on strength and health. Much needed in these frightful times.

Nicholas Swann is using his free time to make short film comedies about the Seneca Park Zoo.

Kathleen Humphrey: During this time of isolation, I actually was able to finish a quilt. Thank God for sewing to help pass the time at home.

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will keep submitting your responses. You can send your videos, photos, or just typed-out tales through email at, through our Facebook, or through our Twitter.