PENFIELD, NY (WROC) — A $10 million home just ten minutes from downtown Rochester on Old Qaurry Road in Penfield seems like a punchline to a non-existent joke.

Anyone who visits the 180-acre property sees why it’s no laughing matter.

The home itself is part barn, part cathedral, complete with a chef’s kitchen, a pool table, internet, a mostly-in-tune piano and a breathtaking view.

Built on the site of the old sand quarry, the property feels like it’s own lost valley — a private paradise to take in nature. Even during brutal heat and humidity, it is a breath of fresh air. The silence (besides the occasional pop from a nearby gun range) is as comforting as it is fulfilling.

According to the listing agent, Dick Garth, the property is now home to around a dozen species of fish in the 60-acre lake, a dozen species of birds, and deer and other mammals.

The tour features its own private waterfall, access to a private section of Irondequoit Creek, and charmingly vestigial remnants of the old sand quarry.

The owners of the property, Bob and Amy Tait (partners in Old Quarry Lane, LLC) released this statement:

“We bought the former sand quarry and concrete plant over four years ago for investment as a potential development site. Since then, much of the heavy lifting has been done to clean up, secure and landscape the property, bring in public utilities and build the newly completed lodge. The versatile design of the lodge offers a phenomenal venue for private family gatherings, or for charitable, corporate or community events.

“Since our family has now moved out West, we have decided that it is up to the next owners to determine the best use. We are currently evaluating several potential alternatives that could incorporate conservation, educational, recreational and/or other community activities. Whether we ultimately donate some or all of the property or sell to private buyers, we plan to use any proceeds to serve charitable causes in our region.”

Like what you see? It can be yours for a cool $10 million.