The Circle spoilers: How ROC native Joey Sasso finished on Netflix’s new reality show

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Netflix released the final four episodes of its new reality TV show The Circle early Wednesday morning and a winner has been declared for the show’s $100,000 grand prize.

Folks in Rochester have been following along to the show closely because one of our own, Joey Sasso, is a contestant.

This is your SPOILER ALERT.

Stop reading now if you haven’t caught up with the show yet and want to be surprised.

OK, while you ponder if you want to know the show’s conclusion before seeing it for yourself, here is some of the interview we had with Sasso this week:

OK you’ve come this far, but here’s another part of our interview while you continue to contemplate if you want to know what happened in the final episodes of The Circle before seeing it (we take spoiler alerts very seriously):

Ok, here we go …

Rochester native Joey Sasso is the first-ever winner of The Circle and also the recipient of the show’s grand prize of $100,000.

Sasso grew up in Hilton, graduated from Aquinas, and moved to Los Angeles when he was just 18-years-old to chase his dream and passion for film.

For those not familiar, The Circle is a new reality TV show by Netflix. The twist of the show is that players never meet face-to-face during the competition, but communicate — and compete — with one another exclusively through profiles created on a specially-designed social media app.

As we know, not everything on the internet is as it seems. Since players never met face-to-face, some contestants hid their true identities and portrayed themselves as other people — which is why some critics have said The Circle is like Big Brother meets Catfish.

Taking an ethical approach, Sasso represented himself honestly in the show, ultimately to his benefit. In a wide-ranging interview with News 8, Sasso explained why he used that strategy of being honest.

“Being a catfish sounds like it would be fun, but not when it’s a level of competition like this,” Sasso said. “I went in there just saying: ‘You know what, anything can happen, and there can be so many things that can be out of my control, people aren’t ever meeting me face to face, who knows how they’re going to perceive me.’ So I’d rather just go in there, be myself, stay true to who I am, and do my best.”

While Sasso has already claimed the grand prize of $100,000, there’s still some more cash up for grabs, but he’ll need your help.

There’s an additional $10,000 prize for the Fan Favorite vote. If you’d like to cast a vote for the hometown star, just go to this website, and click on Joey (or any other contestant you prefer).

You can submit a fan favorite vote once per day through Friday, where the winner will be announced on Instagram.

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