Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 2, 2019.

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Frank Lloyd Wright is America’s most famous and lauded architect. Born in 1867, his work still feels contemporary, fresh, and groundbreaking.

Recently, eight of his homes have been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list, and Buffalo NY’s Wright home, The Martin Home, has just completed it’s $50 million, 20-year restoration.

News 8 took a tour with the Jane Parker, the owner of Rochester’s own Wright house, The Boyton House on East Boulevard.

Here’s the tour of the house, room by room:

The Foyeur:

A warm start to the tour, Parker shows off the lines of the home. They are striking, but are a typical Wright house feature.

Living Room:

The second room on the tour, the living room has an original Wright-designed desk, an original Boyton lamp, built-in cabinets (the first of their kind), and recessed lighting.

The Porch:

One of the most striking features of the home, the porch is supported by sixty foot steel beams. The design allows the Parkers to sit and enjoy the outdoors, while maintaining their privacy.

Dining Room:

Wright said this is one of his favorite rooms, ever. It includes tables he designed himself, including breathtaking windows that show both the inside and the outside of the home.


This incredible pantry feels like a kitchen all it’s own. A beautiful sink, and a gas-powered plate warmer.

Kitchen and Breakfast:

The immaculately restored kitchen is filled with both original (an ice box, even) and newly added items. Take special note of how the new features are seamlessly integrated into the old design. Parker also shows us the room where they take breakfast everyday.


This room used to be for Boyton’s study, but now serves as a place for Parker to relax and have company. There’s a special look at the incredible woodwork for the sliding door.


The hallway – which used to be for the servants of the home – now is a place where guests can see family photos of Edward Boyton (the original owner of the home) and archival photos of the house.

Archival Room:

The archival room holds blueprints, renderings, and other historical artifacts from the home. A historian specially made a timeline of the house, there’s a list of everyone’s signature who worked on the restoration (including “The Real Boss”), and an incredible piece of the home.


Enjoy the sights and sounds of the back. With a lush coy pond, a huge garage, and a special Albert Paley sculpture inspired by the iconic windows of the home.

Note: The Boynton House is a private home and this was a private tour. Please respect the owners’ privacy.