Rochester family surprised with superhero party around their own Little Library

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Kiley Hanje in Rochester had her dad build a little home in early September, for some little books, right outside her home in Rochester. Her three kids — but especially her oldest, Silas — loves giving books, receiving books, and seeing a spark of joy every time someone comes up to your home to drop off some books.

“Sometime during quarantine, my kids and I would walk around to different Little Libraries and the kids would get really excited about switching out books,” Hanje said.

This Little Free Library is super hero themed, with a yellow insignia of the iconic Batman mask, but all books are welcome.

“They both love reading books,” she said. “Silas would get so excited about it, and he’ll go through his books to give to other people.”

Turns out, her family’s good little deed turned into a big deal.

“We live in a lower-income area, and a lot of these kids might not have books at home,” she said.

The community will often drop off boxes and crates of books, just to make sure that the Little Library is stocked. They’ve even worked with a neighborhood library.

“Arnett Branch Library has been a great partner,” Hanje said. “They’ve donated a lot of books to help keep our LFL stocked!”

Their heroic Little Library even turned the heads of Enchanted Princess Parties in Rochester. The company throws parties and photoshoots, while hiring actors and models to portray characters from every kid’s favorite stores.

Since it’s a super-heroic Little Library, they got a super-heroic story reading party, complete with Captain America, and Stargirl (even if the Batman is DC and these two are Marvel) this past Saturday.

All free of charge.

“My kids LOVE super heroes, so right away it was ‘oh yeah, we’re going to do this,'” she said.

If you want to contribute to their Little Library, the Hanjes live on Warick Ave. in Rochester.

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