ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester-based band Vanishing Sun made a video game to promote their upcoming album “64” and release party on October 25th at Flour City Station.

Band leader and keyboardist Ian Sherman just did it on a whim, using free software — check it out:

“It turned out to be because we could,” Sherman said. “I was hanging out with the drummer, late at night, my friend Tommy, and it just occurred to us, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we could make a video game and put ourselves in there as the heroes saving the universe, battling evil …’ It seemed like the right combination of narcissism and megalomania and delusions of grandeur and all those things that compel us to get the job done.”

The band is known in town as a group that melds musical genres and aesthetics, with fiery live performances. They’re also known to embrace “nerd culture.”

“I was of the perfect age to be playing ‘Space Invaders’ in a bowling alley when I was five or six,” Sherman said. “That was something that always appealed to me, through Nintendo and everything else like that.”

But what about the band’s reaction?

“Well we kind of sprung it on them, it all happened very fast,” Sherman said. “Once we realized we could do it, I disappeared for three days and went at for twenty hours a day, watching tutorials on Youtube, just getting into it. They kind of found out about it when everyone else did when we posted it on Facebook. They all love it, so far so good!”

“The game itself is a video game within a video game, with the band stuck in a video game,” Sherman said. “(It’s) like a mid-90s Super Nintendo era Japanese role playing game.

As you play the game, songs in the album unlock, and you can learn more about the band members.

“So another way for the player to immerse themselves into the music and in the band itself,” Sherman said “I put as much of the band in it, some inside jokes, and some east eggs, and some information about the band.”

For when the full game comes out, the band has a unique distribution method in mind.

“The way it works (is) we can send to anybody, you can play it on your phone, it’s a very small file, we can email it right to you,” Sherman said.

The album is coming out October 25th, but the video game is scheduled for a full release sometime in 2020.