Rochester artist creates art deco-inspired prints based on Rochester iconic landmarks

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Aidan Mutschler is actually a music and technology major (though he has a minor in Visual Arts and Technology) from a Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, but now the Rochester native is back, and already making waves in the Rochester art community.

Last week, he made a post on Reddit showing off his new work, a series of travel postcard-inspired digital art pieces of some of Rochester’s most notable landmarks:

  • The Kodak Building
  • Genesee Brewhouse
  • Record Archive

Almost instantly, dozens of Reddit users commented, upvoted, and expressed desire to buy prints of these pieces of art. Not long after, Mutschler was approached by the Record Archive to start selling his work in the famed record store.

It was quite a response for a simple post.

“I was going for those 50’s tourism posters,” Mutschler said. “They have that cheesy slogan at the top… But they’re not even tourism, those say ‘please move to our city.’ They tell you all the things that they have.”

The art also features stylized vintage block text, bold colors, block shapes, and a nostalgic worn feeling to each piece of art.

Mutschler says this style started when he moved to digital illustration of a landscape photo he took. It took him so much time, that he wanted to create something more that might be worth even more time.

As for the landmarks themselves, Mutschler says that going from a school that is right next to New York City showed him an amazing difference between New York City and the state’s third largest city, Rochester. Because of Rochester’s small size, that fanatic small-town love and pride of landmarks and culture runs deep, and he wanted to capture that feeling.

“Everyone in Rochester has this chip on their shoulder about the culture of their city,” Mutschler said.

As for the specific landmark choices, he wanted to pick places he loves to go. Genesee Brewhouse is an obvious choice for many Rochesterians, Record Archive is a favorite shopping destination of Mutschler’s, and Kodak is so steeped in Rochester’s history.

“When people who aren’t from Rochester ask me about it, those are the places that I think of,” he said.

Mutschler said he’s working on more landmarks, and is always up for listening to the community.

If you’re interested in purchasing a print, you can find them here.

Here’s where you can find the posters at Record Archive:

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