ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Grace Bellanca started “ROC Made Goods” four years as a “pop up homemade goods market.

“We do seasonal ‘Sip and Shop’ events,” Bellanca said. “We set local artists with their handmade goods, a cash bar, and live music.”

The shows typically take place in Charlotte, near the port building, but they had to cancel.

Bellanca worked in the service industry, working as a bar manager. Then her and a small friend wanted to showcase their “little hidden talents.” Bringing one another friend who is a photographer. Bellanca felt there was a niche that could be filled for these kind of homemade goods.

“We just put a show together, and it grew from there,” she said.

The project may have started with just her friends, but now they host 45 artists per show. All of them are local, and they make goods ranging from wood working builds, to ceramics, and to home decor.

Since they had to cancel their spring event, Bellanca wanted to use her platform to continue to help.

“There are so many events and festivals cancelled, that this season is pretty much a wash,” she said. “The summer is going downhill, too.”

“A lot of our artists have lost that platform that they used to sell their goods,” she said. “That is money in there pocket that they’re not going to get from attending those shows and festivals.”

Bellanca decided to use her own platform to retool into a shopping guide. On the site, artists can provide information on their goods, and provide easy links to sell their goods. She’s eyeing a website rollout on Friday, and will start featuring rotating artists on their Instagram.

“If you can make it, we can feature it,” she said.

She says that any artist who wants to be included can email her at