‘ROAR’ on Culver opened this weekend; gives LGBTQ+ community a new home

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A new restaurant, bar, and entertainment venue has exploded onto the scene: ROAR.

ROAR’s facade on a closed day

The venue’s tagline is “something for everyone.” After only seven weeks of preparation before the big open on November 1st, ROAR is hitting the ground running, with hundreds attending the opening night.

“We were busy, it was wonderful,” said David Chappius, a co-owner of ROAR. “The community really came out and supported us, and now we’re super-excited for the future.”

The club is co-owned by Chappius. He is also a drag queen known as “DeeDee Dubois.” This space is meant for the LGBTQ+ community that lost a home when TILT, a popular club closed.

“14 months ago, the LGBTQ+ was kicked out of another venue, and they decided to flip their format and cater to a different crowd,” Chappius said.

“The community response makes me want to almost want to cry every time I open Facebook and read the reviews,” Chappius said. “It’s wonderful. The community needed it.”

Chappius (aka DeeDee Dubois) and his business partner, Michael Ruger

Before they got the space, they got help from Photo City Improv, a venue around the corner on Atlantic Avenue. Now, Photo City owner Danny Nielsen said they “gave (ROAR) a temporary home, and are working heard to keep them on in our complex.”

Going forward, ROAR will be open Wednesday through Sunday. They will host Country Wednesdays, and DeeDee will host an event every Saturday. Keeping in mind that they will have something for everyone.

“We don’t ask people to identify their gender in a bathroom, we don’t ask them to identify their gender at the door,” Chappius said. “It’s really a welcoming place for everyone.”

Seems like a reasonable request

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