‘Ranger News’ gives Spencerport High School students a chance to learn

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SPENCERPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — Every day, a small group of Spencerport High School students get together to read the morning news.

The studio has multiple lights, an HD camera, and even a teleprompter.

For the prompter, the district started a special email, where clubs and programs can email in their announcements. At first, business and marketing teacher — and teacher of this “broadcasting” class — Thomas Kanaley wrote the copy, but now that task falls to the kids.

“They introduced this concept last year,” Kanaley said. “It was a little nerve-wracking.”

Kanaley said he “learned on the run,” and benefited from having some students from the previous after school program. Some of last year was spent getting in the rhythm of things. Their first show was October 1st, and it’s edited on a system-wide piece of software called “WeVideo.”

The students say its a chance to have some fun, and learn how to roll with the punches.

“I got a bit more of an awareness of the equipment, the lights, and the microphone, because those aren’t usually things that I do. And working with other people, because usually everything I do is just myself,” 12th grader Stella Shortino said.

“In most situations in life you’re not going to be on your own, you’re going to have to work with people, and you’re going to have to work in groups, and in projects.”

Hear from all the kids here:

“Some of these guys that got in front of it,” Kanaley said. “It was amazing to watch how they’ve grown from October 1st to today’s show.”

The show is played in each classroom at the end of the first block through the school’s intranet, and are played on a loop at the main desk all day.

Who knows? Maybe one or two of those kids might be gunning for a News 8 WROC gig some day.

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