‘Locker hearts’ at Greece Odyssey Academy were a warm and welcoming surprise to students

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GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — Students at Greece Odyssey Academy were greeted with a special surprise this week. They came back from February break, with “locker hearts” for every single student, customized with their handwritten name.

All of the hearts were made by Kathryn Heckle at the school.

“I cut out over 1,000 of them, I got to give some credit to my daughter,” Heckle said.

The message simply reads: “You are loved, you are important, you matter.” Something the students love.

“Not only the fact that there’s a lot of nice little notes on their lockers, but i think it really brightens up the halls. It just makes Odyssey feel more welcoming,” Heckle said.

Principal Jeff Henley says social-emotional support is important to the school, and this community building endeavor might help the students academically.

“Students who feel that they’re a part of a community, end up doing better in school,” Henley said. “They attend more, they do better for their grades, their behavior is better, an they take care of the school that they’re in.”

However, Heckle says she not only wants brighten some days, and provide a sense of belonging.

“Those of those that have a loving home to go everyday take it for granted,” Heckle said. “I know that there’s kids out there that don’t have that. So I was trying to reach those kids, to let them know that they are loved, and there’s a place for them here at Odyssey.”

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