ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Local baker Mina Rivazfar-Hoyt took home “Best in Show” for her cake at the 34th annual Chocolate Ball fundraiser, which is a benefit event for Epilsey-Pralid.

Rivazfar-Hoyt is a native of Greece, and this is her fifth entry into the Chocolate Ball. Currently she is the Head Pastry Chef at University of Rochester. She started the job after she sold her business, Something Delicious Bake Shop.

The theme for this year’s chocolate ball was “Under the Sea,” and she took her inspiration from an iconic Disney movie.

“I was thinking of the part in ‘The Little Mermaid’ when she goes down and sees all the little trinkets all hidden in that cave-looking thing,” Rivazfar-Hoyt said.

She also talked about why this year was different, and ultimately more rewarding.

“This is my first event that I’m doing completely by myself,” Rivazfar-Hoyt said. “I didn’t have any help from my staff. It was very challenging without having someone baking the cake, making the the buttercream, someone helping me make the pieces for it… It was a lot harder this year than it was in the past.”

Hoyt has also competed on food network’s “Bakers VS Fakers,” and will appear on the “Girl Scout Cookie Championship” on February 24th.