Irondequoit police shows off horses around town

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IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — When the Irondequoit Police Department needed a way to connect with people, they thought of a horse, a horse of course. Or in this case, four horses, of courses.

At the Sycamore Green Apartment complex, there were no long faces and not a neigh-sayer among them.

The IPD kicked off this first annual event by warming up the kids with a frisbee toss.

Then the horses came sauntering in, making kids’ hearts gallop. The kids, and the horses, we’re chomping at the bit. No one here looked these gift horses in the mouth.

But the “mane” story? The rewards that come from the job.

“I just love the connection with the community and building trust, and building those relationships,” said Sgt. Jessica Franco, IPD.

Franco especially enjoys surprising Irondequoit residents with the most popular horse of the day, Bermuda.

“I’ve taken him out on the town, and the residents are thrilled to see a horse in Irondequoit,” said Franco. “They never expected to see a mounted horse in Irondequoit.”

She even got a chance to sign a couple autographs on her trading cards!

After the horsing around, the kids got a chance to do some rope work.

Helping out the IPD Friday was A Horse’s Friend, a program that helps enrich the lives of inner-city residents by bringing the horses right to them.

The budding equestrians appreciated the gesture.

“I think it’s fun because normally we don’t get the chance to meet horses, so I think that it’s fun,” said Corali Schneider.

“I think that it’s pretty fun,” said Deliahny Melendez. “That one. Bermuda? He’s got that cool hat. And the white one, too.”

The white horse, named Whiskey, even got a second vote from Alana Torres.

Right before our News 8 crew were set to leave, reporter Dan Gross decided to take a turn as a horse whisperer — as in, he whispered to a horse.

“What do you think about your rider?” Dan asked the horse.

Although a bit shy at first, Bermuda ultimately had only positive things to say about Sgt. Franco.

IPD rode off into the sunset, going to the Hidden Creek Townhouses, and the Newport Highlands later in the day.

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