From Mullet Gate to Tiger King: Joe Exotic endorses new product from Rochester hair company

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Back in June, we met Phil Montgomery.

The local man and his business was on the wrong side of “Mullet Gate,” when the logo of his business, Miracle Flow, was used without his permission. The logo was taken and used in billboards across the country supporting a country music star who was revealed to have said racially insensitive comments.

“I mean, Mullet Gate was something that obviously shook the mullet community’s fabric to the core,” Montgomery said.

But in every crisis, there’s an opportunity.

“It couldn’t have worked out better for us,” he said.

Montgomery also provided a refresher on the business:

“Miracle Flow, we just make hair care products for guys who have majestic manes, those who want them, those who have them, those who need to maintain them,” he said.

He also shared thoughts on why the mullet is having a moment:

“People were growing out the salad for a little bit and just letting it party, letting it flow, letting it go, and letting it flow really, you know,” Montgomery said. “America as a country, due to COVID, I think we needed a little bit of fun. I mean, I would say my mullet makes me feel majestic, Regal, agile, honestly, and really versatile. And obviously the ladies don’t hate it. That’s a fact.”

And now on the day when Tiger King 2 drops on Netflix, he’s announcing a new product to hit the shelves, endorsed by Joe Exotic himself.

“A limited edition Tiger King 2 Big-Cat Mane Mane-Tainer flow enhancing shampoo,” he said. “This thing is going to give you a, essentially you put here in there, use this in your shower. This thing’s going to give you a lion’s mane.”

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