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Delivery driver issues ‘#NoBeardChallenge’ during pandemic

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — These are uncertain times, and everyone is doing what they can to help. One man — a delivery driver named Jason Ray who works in the Rochester area — is taking a novel approach to combat the novel coronavirus.

“I’m a delivery driver still pounding the pavement in Rochester,” Ray said in an email to News 8. “I used to have an epic beard, but sadly it’s a germ/virus/soup trap so it had to go. I filmed it while issuing the #nobeardchallenge.”

Ray, who goes by the moniker “Dystopian Delivery” online, released a full YouTube video showing him shaving his beard:

But him shaving his beard didn’t cause him to lose his courage, like the biblical Sampson. He even called out staff:

“Also, if there’s any ‘Beardos’ on your staff: I CHALLENGE YOU! Shave that beard to show your support,” he said.

He will also be donating $100 to Humanity Forward as a part of the challenge.

“I have the opportunity to help other now too,” he said in the video.

While some studies have shown that beards can hold a lot of germs/virus/bacteria, there’s no conclusive evidence. There has also been no specific testing to see if beards hold the coronavirus more than a clean-shaven face.

However, the CDC recommends that men shave their beards because they can affect the seal on masks and ventilators.

Scientists still say that the best thing you can do to fight the coronavirus is to stay home whenever possible.

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