‘Beer Guys’ team up with Heroes Brewing Co. for their own beer for charity

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Over nine months after “The Beer Guys” went viral for “black or white, relax and have a beer,” there’s another chapter in this story, even after their appearance in a Brad Paisley music video for “No ‘I’ In Beer” —

They’re getting their own beer.

They’ve teamed up with Heroes Brewing Company for a special brew; one that will spark a conversation, and help give back.

It was a “cheers” heard ’round the world. Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis invited everyone, “Black or white, relax and have a beer.” But it wasn’t just a moment, it was a movement, and it’s still going strong.

“It’s there, we still feel it, and we’ll be walking around the grocery store, and someone will say “hey you’re the beer guys,'” said Smith. He was at Heroes to help them can their special beer, and even volunteered a couple extra hours to help can some of the other beer. “It’s pretty funny, and then they just want to sit there and talk to us.”

The beer is called “Duality.” It’s a Norther English brown ale — that Smith describes as “great carmel flavor, super smooth, super drinkable, just refreshing” — is meant to spark conversation; just like their movement.

“You could sit in front  of a perfect stranger, someone you’ve never met in your life, and all you have to do is read that can and immediately you’ll strike up a conversation,” Smith said.

Greg Fagen, owner of Heroes, says the movement of Ben & Marcus fit with his.

“A lot of aspects of their story touched me,” Fagen said. “One of our partners is Black. One percent of brewery partners is Black. That’s not right.

“Their message from Ben and Marcus is important, we’re all about community, and a community is an amalgamation of people, and if one person is suffering, we need to pay attention and fix that,” Fagen said.

Like all of Heroes Brewing Company releases, each can sale supports a local charity. For every four pack sold, 1$ goes to a charity. “Duality” Ssupports The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, HOBY. It’s a national project that has a local chapter.

“The purpose is to train the youth for the future on leadership, diversity, community involvement,” Fagen said.

“It builds everyone up,” Smith said, evoking the same words he said when he let loose a tear when surprised by Paisley last summer. “So when us old folks are gone, that there’s somebody there to replace us in our positions.”

So for Fagen and Smith, the conversation continues, the community is cared for… And naturally it’s over a cold can.

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