SODUS, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s an ever-continuing headache for parents: Kids drawing on the wall. But Abby and Josh Hogan at Hogan’s Eatery in Sodus have let their son Carson go wild.

In only three days, he has covered a quarter of the wall in drawings, ranging from the biographical, to the funny, and even flexing his marketing skills. It’s a moving meditation for Carson, and his parents have seen a change in him as well.

“It just gets me in a comfortable mood,” Carson said. “I start drawing, and once I started drawing, I just got the hang of the it.”

The Hogans said they knew their son was an artist when he was just four years old, always noticing that he needed to have things lined up a certain way (Carson even admits that his favorite job in the restaurant is cleaning), and he loved to draw.

“Confidence. He always hasn’t had a lot of confidence. Not a lot of kids sit home and draw,” Abby says, as Josh nods along. “He goes to school, his friends see it, his teachers say stuff, people around town. The biggest thing is confidence, and that’s huge as parents. You want your kid to have all the confidence in the world, and I hope he never loses it.”

“It kind of warms my heart,” Carson said. “And I’m like, ‘wow, I’m famous.'”

There’s still a lot of wall space left in Hogan’s Eatery, but since they’re textured, Carson might be running out of space.

“But maybe we’ll hang some canvases up,” Josh said.

Everyone who comes in to the restaurant loves Carson’s drawing, even saying people who never him, say they’re proud.

“It’s like cloud nine,” Abby said. “Thank you to the community. Everyone has been amazing.”

“It’s been great so far,” Josh said. He’s a first time business owner, and restaurant opened in early September.

“We’ll do our best, and make Sodus proud.” Abby said.