Did critics make Josh Allen strong?


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (WROC) — Josh Allen was never going to succeed in the NFL. Everyone said so last year.

It must have been hard to hear that. Allen handled it best as anyone could expect, but it’s hard to imagine he was 100% immune to the criticism.

For over three quarters against the Jets, he looked like the QB the pundits all thought he would be.

But the Jets are probably not going to be a good team. When they started doing not good team things, Allen helped the Bills pounce.

Pat DiMarco said the Bills have a motto: calm breeds calm. He pointed specifically to the way Allen reacted after his first half dumpster fire full of mistakes.

“He didn’t blink,” DiMarco said.

It takes a certain level of internal belief and confidence to lead a 17 point comeback after the start Allen had against the Jets.

It’s possible the beating Allen took since before the draft has steered him in the face of game to game adversity.

When you’ve spent the brunt of your NFL career getting speared publicly like probably no other top ten draft pick, one little interception isn’t gonna move your needle.

Now, four turnovers is a different story. That better get his attention. It’s very possible that 60 healthy minutes from Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley would have prevented folks like me banging a keyboard about Allen’s internal fortitude.

Instead, this column would be full of Nate Peterman comparisons.

Allen and the Bills can’t play this game against the New England’s, Pittsburgh’s and Dallas’s on the schedule. Maybe not even in Tennessee.

There was a lot about the Bills, beyond the QB, to like this game. Devin Singletary can still be electrifying. John Brown might be a legit #1 receiver. The defense has enough clubs in the bag to be suffocating.

Allen needs to come along for the ride and not wait 40 minutes to do so.

We still don’t know for sure what kind of quarterback he will be, but we may have found out for sure against the Jets he’s not a quarterback that flinches easy. Or at all.

And in this game, that was successful enough.

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