Cybersecurity help for employees working at home


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC)—With most of New york ordered to stay at home business and employees could be opening themselves to new security risks.

ComportSecure stresses strong cybersecurity solutions for their clients when working in traditional work settings, and these security measures are even more necessary as employees set up work in their homes.

“The hackers know that that sensitive data is coming into homes and they know that that networking is typically not up to par compared to a corporate infrastructure,” said Hannah Coney, Comportsecure director.

Hackers can get in two main way; first through phishing emails or through hacking software.

“The cyber attacks able to come into network and able to take that data and often able to track what you’re doing if you’re not careful,” said Coney.

Using data backups and multi-factor authentication systems are two ways Comportsecure says you can stay safe

“It does not hurt to triple check. Whether that’s checking the email address where you’re getting an email from,” said Coney. “The number of people who have not only lost their data to ransom but they paid it and never received it back, that leaves one your out of that money, two your information is out there and it’s available.”

Comportsecure offers solutions for big corporations and small business, they are currently working work with healthcare systems to secure infrastructure so they can focus on fighting COVID-19 and not online attacks.

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