ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Current Seen will showcase Rochester art at sixteen venues from October 4 to November 17.

Bleu Cease, the Executive Director of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and Erich Lehman, the exhibition organizer for “30 Years, FUA” discussed the major art event Wednesday during News 8 at Noon.

“Current Seen is the continuation of the Rochester biennial at a whole new level,” said Cease. “This is a multi-venue collaborative exhibition that’s really focused on the small venues across East Avenue, across Main Street, linking together brick and mortar spaces like the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Visual Studies Workshop, Joy Gallery and others along with public art projects and a few pop up exhibitions – all celebrating local art, community, local culture, and very specifically the act of curation.”

One of the venues is Joy Gallery, which will host “30 Years, FUA” as part of Current Seen. “FUA stands for From Up Above,” said Lehman. “It’s a graffiti crew that’s been working in Rochester for 30 years now. They have members all throughout the world, but they’ve never had a formal retrospective so we’re going to take some time. We’ve been digging in the archives, pulling out old photographs of all these guys as kids. They’re all now, you know, almost all now adults. They recently did an exhibition or a mural inside the Memorial Art Gallery that can be viewed. But this is going to be a fun way to really look at their history in a way that they’ve never even had a chance to look at it featuring photographs, original artwork, and things like that.”

Cease added, “This gallery is programming throughout the year, Joy Gallery. There are events there, there are programs there and the keyword is under-appreciated. Not enough people are going to that space, so this whole initiative is designed to remind people of all the great activities and programs that are happening at this level of the visual art community, the small venues, and specifically explore and explain to the public the role of curation and creating a contemporary visual art community, which we have a very robust one. But I think that conversation around curating and that celebration of the act of curating really hasn’t happened locally.”

Current Seen will change that. To learn more about the different venues and exhibitions, visit the Current Seen website.