Memorial Day is a few weeks away, but before the honorary services, the people who maintain the the Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial will have some work to do. 
“As you see behind me, that’s what happened,” said Paul Kurtenbach. 
Kurtenbach is a munitions service specialist in the US Air Force, and was walking through the memorial after visiting the Lilac Festival with his family this past weekend. 
This is what he saw: the initials MW and AJ surrounded by a heart, etched into the memorial’s final black granite stone. 
“It’s a place where after the individual has move through the memorial, they have a bench there. They can sit there and reflect on what they just saw,” described Chuck Macaluso.
Macaluso is the president of the board that oversees the memorial. He served in the Vietnam War as a marine and knows a friend remembered in the memorial.  
“This is hallowed ground for those individuals,” said Macaluso.  
“It’s kind of a spit in the face to the veterans, again. They didn’t get a great welcome when the came back from Vietnam in the first place,” said Kurtenbach. 
Memorial Day is at the end of the month, and it’s unclear if the etching will be removed in time. 
“There’s a possibility, that they have the equipment, where they can resurface and refinish that particular stone there and get that off of there,” said Macaluso.          
The memorial remains a somber place, but for those who know the place well, the etching is an eye sore that can’t be ignored.
The etching happened before the Lilac Festival began.
If you know of anyone who could help remove the etching, you can contact the Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial.