Couple celebrates 90th birthday through a nursing home window


FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) —  COVID-19 has brought an end to most nursing home visits but one family found a way to make their mother’s 90’s birthday special even while being separated.

Elinor and Roy Purdy have been married for 70 years.

“About my marriage, well it’s been a long time didn’t expect it to be this way,” said Roy Purdy.

Elinor Purdy lives in a nursing home, and COVID-19 has stopped most of her five children and eight grandchildren from seeing her, the family even had to cancel a party for her 90th birthday.

“It’s just very hard and she doesn’t understand you know why we’re not visiting she’s trying to but you know it’s difficult,” said Cheryl Purdy Bray, youngest daughter of 5.

But the family took action into their own hands, throwing a birthday party outside Elinor’s nursing home window.

“Pretty hard, pretty hard to see her through the window,” said Roy Purdy. “We all talked to her and very difficult but anyway it was really tough.”

One of the first birthdays the couple has celebrated apart, the family found a way to make it almost like every other year.

“We did our best to stay separated but get close enough to her so we could see we were thinking about her and caring about her,” said Cheryl Purdy Bray.

The family hopes to get together for a gathering soon, after nursing home restrictions are lifted.

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