ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Construction on the 250th Flower City Habitat for Humanity home continues amidst supply chain shortages and other pandemic-related challenges.

“Access to a safe place to eat, live, work and play, is a key indicator of the overall health you’re going to have,” said Melissa Gardner, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Chief Population Health Engagement Officer. “Including access to primary care, physical care and mental health. So, they’re very related and critical.” 

Matthew Flanigan, President and CEO of Flower City Habitat for Humanity, said building these houses help break cycles in families — including for the new owner of the 250th house.

“When I met her for the first time the excitement was palpable, and that is true anytime I meet with somebody because many times, almost exclusively, they are the first in their family to own a home.”

Marty Kranmer, an Excellus BCBS IT mangager, is volunteering on the site. He said he’s proud to provide a key to success for another family.

“Home ownership is like the most important thing there is, and being a part of letting somebody own a home who doesn’t currently have the luxury is very gratifying.”

Flower City Habitat selects which families are chosen to purchase the new homes. While many families are deserving, Flanigan said it’s important the selected families commit to help develop a community.

“We’re looking for those families that want to be an agent of change and really turn a community around with us,” said the Flower City Habitat CEO.

The project is also about building resilient neighborhoods, “so it’s the house that’s important, what it does for that family is important, but how they support each other in that continuum is also so vital,” said Flanigan.

Construction on the home is expected to be complete within 6 months.