ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The City of Rochester’s historian, Christine Ridarsky said everything in a recently discovered time capsule is saturated. She was hopeful that the contents could be salvaged — but a conservator brought some disheartening news.

The time capsule was found underneath the Frederick Douglass statue in Highland Park. It was partially open and filled with waterlogged papers and possibly books.

The conservator told Ridarsky that there was nothing that could be done to salvage the contents.

However, Ridarsky refused to give up hope.

“What our plan is is to freeze dry the contents. We are going to consult with another company with the professional process of freeze drying. So they will use a process by where they will freeze and then do a vacuum process there they remove any moisture remaining. That will stabilize the contents and allow us to store it for the future so if we want to display the contents that will be possible,” said Ridarsky.

If the process is successful the contents could be on display at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.