ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congressman Joe Morelle took to the house floor Wednesday calling for greater efforts to stop domestic terrorism in its tracks.

A new bill, HR-350, will authorize federal agencies to work with local law enforcement across the US to analyze and monitor terrorist activity. All of this is on the heels of the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo this past weekend that claimed 10 Black lives at the hands of a white gunman.

Morelle says domestic terrorism is the most significant threat to our nation now in generations. He says events like the slaughter we saw in Buffalo have become all too common and it’s time to pass real reform. 

In short, he wants the federal government to step in and help save lives.

He wants to make sure law enforcement — here and across the U.S. — has the resources they need to coordinate and combat these threats.

“Events like the horrific slaughter of Black community members in Buffalo have become common in our country, and it is time for the federal government to step up and to save lives. Before us today we have legislation that helps to provide the tools and resources law enforcement and our communities need to coordinate and combat these threats,” Morelle said.

This bill will create new offices within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice, and allow agencies to promote and share information with public safety officials — providing resources to detect and hopefully stop instances — like the Buffalo mass shooting — before they happen.

Congressional candidate La’Ron Singletary says what we’ve not done in a long time — is enforce laws that we already have, adding the recent trend has been to ‘defund the police’, leaving law enforcement without proper resources.

“When you talk about de-funding the police, we need resources. We need people who are trained police officers to go and deal with situations like [Buffalo]. So, we cannot demilitarize, we cannot defund our police because they’re the ones who keep us safe,” Singletary said.

He adds, “We don’t need more knee-jerk reactions to an evil type of person that occurred in Buffalo. We need to bring some common sense to this. And part of common sense is holding people responsible who are pulling the trigger.”

Morelle said this bill aims to give law enforcement what they need. 

“These are simple, common-sense actions that will help protect our communities,” Morelle said. “They should be non-controversial. In fact, nearly identical legislation was passed by voice vote in the last congress. But so far this year, it appears something has changed. Despite the rising incidences of hate crimes and the urgent need to provide law enforcement with what they need to combat vicious acts of domestic terrorism, every Republican on the House Judiciary Committee voted against the bill in a mark-up earlier last month.