CHILI, N.Y. (WROC) — Sam Savary, Story of Hope President, says he and founder Arlene Nanry got to work roughly 9 years ago to build a hospice home with the help of the community, for those who have 3 months or less to live.

Back in August the Story of Hope Comfort Care home located in Chili was coming along just fine with less than a month left until completion.

 But then a storm with heavy rainfall came and delayed those plans.

“The force of the water basically just caved in the entire front wall of the foundation,” said Savary.

Savary said now he’s ready to get things up and moving once more with the community’s help.

“They have to dig out the whole front of this foundation again, clear out this debris, rebuild the foundation, clean up the basement. We have to replace the furnaces and the electrical work because the flooding was about 5 and a half 6 feet of water into the basement. It really did flood the entire basement of the home,” he said.

He said the estimated cost of the repairs is about $60,000 and so far the organization has received $2,800 of donations through GoFundMe.

Once completed the home will house two patients at a time with no cost to them.

Savary said following the storm the board was debating whether to let this project go and he realized he just couldn’t let that happen.

“I’ve been an oncology nurse in this community for almost 25 years now and out of all the places I’ve had to practice oncology nursing, hospice has always been my chocolate. I just don’t think there’s anything more honorable you can do for a person than be with them and give them the best death that they possibly can have,” he shared.

November 4th the Story of Hope Organization will be hosting a casino night and wine tasting fundraiser at 150 Frank Dimino Way in Rochester.savary says in addition to donations the organization will need volunteers once it’s up and running. 

 For more information about tickets and time for the fundraiser click here and if interested in volunteering click here.