ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In August, a New York Supreme Court judge’s order blocked the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) from issuing more recreational dispensary licenses. Next week, a decision in that case is expected.

A lawsuit brought on by disabled veterans claimed that OCM left their group out of the first rounds of licensing.

“This thing is coming to a conclusion, for sure,” said OCM Chief Equity Officer Damian Fagon. He said that a decision will be made on Monday.

The judge’s temporary restraining order halted almost all cannabis licensing in New York. And in order for an applicant to move forward in those processes, OCM says that decision is now left up entirely to the judge.  

Cannabis law specialist Fatima Afia said that if the ruling is in favor of OCM, the injunction would be lifted. Then, the approval process can continue.  But if the ruling favors the veterans, it could spell doom for OCM.

“CAURD licensees could be stripped of their licenses, almost certainly triggering a massive lawsuit against OCM by CAURD licensees,” said Afia.

Some CAURD applicants told NEWS10 that they’re still optimistic about a positive decision on Monday. “We’re just hoping that everyone can move forward and open up and we’re just looking forward to that,” said Thomas Marcellino, Amsterdam Cannabis CEO.