ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Adrean Hayward is the manager of the Daily Refresher on Alexander Street, an area where plenty will gather before the start of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday morning. She feels folks are far more ready to socialize than in the past few years. 

“We’re a couple of years out from the pandemic, so we’re really hoping people are comfortable being out in the world again,” she said.

The Daily Refresher took a hit during COVID, like so many other businesses. Hayward says she’s grateful they made it, and is hoping the parade provides a boost for her and the other establishments on the route. 

“We’re opening at 11 a.m., hoping that the people going to the parade want to pop in for a breakfast sandwich, and maybe a pint,” she said.

Adrean with The Daily Refresher

Adam Lockwood of ‘Axes and Ales’ on East Ave., says let the St. Pat’s shenanigans begin.

“It’s pretty great having like a large group of people coming in from the street. I mean, you’ve got a big crowd out there,” said Lockwood.

Like a charm tucked into the Sibley Square building is La Bola, right on the parade route. Jenna Dubinsky says make your own luck here and take a rest.  

“We’re excited for tomorrow, we have a corned beef sandwich running,” she said, adding, “all of our food is out of this world.” The cocktails, too.

Jenna with ‘La Bola’ in Sibley Square

The drinking forecast before, during, and after the parade seems solid. If you’re having some adult beverages, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office wants you to plan ahead. 

“We want to encourage people: go out have a good time, have fun, celebrate… but do it responsibly,” said Deputy Brendan Hurley.

And Hurley said the weather Saturday is going to be a challenge —and if you’re drinking— that could serve up a real punch. Be extra cautious. Use things like Uber or Lyft, or make sure you have a designated driver.