PITTSFORD, NY (WROC) — After two years, the Buffalo Bills Training Camp is coming back to Rochester next month. St. John Fisher College will host the team — as they have done in years past — and the fans who will pour into the area will no doubt provide a needed jump to the economy.

Emily Sharp with Jojo Bistro and Wine Bar on North Main Street in Pittsford said the past two years of the COVID pandemic have left the restaurant in need of a business boost. 

“Obviously, it’s been a killer. We luckily have such loyal, regular customers here that have supported us this whole time with our to-go business,” said Sharp.

While business has been good as of late, the Bills’ training camp coming back to St. John Fisher should prove to be a nice hike in foot traffic. Sharp says they’ve been ready. 

“We have about 25 tables, we have a nice long bar, we have a cute little outdoor area,” she said.

And so does Scott Thyroff. He can’t wait to pack his patio at the Pittsford Pub and Grille on North Main Street.

“We anticipate that happening with Bills camp. Like I said, whenever it’s open to the public, we get a big influx of people both before and after the camp,” says Thyroff.

Open practice will take place for 12 days with 11 of those sessions right at Fisher. Thyroff said that a spike in revenue is sure to help make up for slower sales in 2020 and 2021. 

“It’s been a challenge for sure, you know?” said Thyroff on the pandemic.

Sharp said late July can’t get here soon enough. “We’re ready for it. We love the Bills here.”

Season ticket members can claim tickets starting July 13th, and on the 14th, the general public can get tickets to camp. Practice kicks off on July 24 and ends on August 11. For more information, click here.