ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Rochester business is flourishing and they credit their success to both building strong relationships and staying on top of current, new and evolving technology.

According to Calvary Robotics, the company is known to be in the top three in robotic applications and special equipment. Over the past three years, the company has been on an upward trajectory, hiring more than 100 people this year alone. CEO and Owner Mark Chaney explains their triumph is due to building strong a reputation with customers in key markets.

“Our specialties are really healthcare, automotive, and green technologies. What we’ve done differently is we’ve really invested a ton of money, millions, millions of dollars into one electrical property and training of our staff. Because of that, we’ve been awarded contracts, long-term contracts that are for the most advanced technologies out there. Those technologies include advanced sensing for automotive, healthcare, medical devices and solar. Right now, I think that’s fueling most of our growth,” Chaney explained.

Through Calvary Robotics’ work with automation, they are able to provide clients with ways to streamline their own workflow.

“There’s a company called AES and what this is, it’s a robotic, self-guided AGV that assembled solar fields. This is normally really backbreaking work, very tedious to assemble tens of thousands of solar panels, and we have a vehicle that self-guided using someone’s advanced sensor, and it carries solar panels on its back, takes those panels, assembles them, and basically builds the whole solar field by itself 24 hours a day at any time,” Chaney explained.

While the company works with clients all over the world, they choose to continue to expand in Rochester.

“We definitely prefer Rochester over almost any other area. There are so many talented people here partially from the industrialized community that’s I think on a hill a little over the last 30-40 years. Also just the schools from here. RIT and UR really put out a lot of talented engineers and that has helped us considerably. The whole company is built on two things, intellectual property and a talented team. We go where the people are, so that’s why we are here,” Chaney said.

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