ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Veterans Outreach Center is hosting its “Stand Down” job and service fair Friday. The goal is to connect local veterans to valuable resources in the community.

The free event is on Friday, September 16 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Rochester Public Market.

Laura Stradley, the Executive Director of the VOC, said the fair got its name based on the military term “stand down,” which goes back to the Vietnam War era.

“It really kind of references when soldiers are no longer in combat, they’re considered to be standing down, and so the concept is kind of: what are the next steps from there? How do you bring soldiers home, and servicemembers home successfully and help with that transition process?” Stradley said.

The job fair is an annual event where community partners like the VA, Vet Center and the Monroe County Veteran’s Service Agency come out to connect with veterans.

“It gives them an opportunity to really connect with service providers in the community for anything on the spectrum from mental health, physical health, benefits, and then, of course, the employment piece with all of the various different employers that will be there on-site,” Stradley said.

Stradley said the event is important because sometimes for people who serve in the military, the transition process back home can be difficult.

The job fair helps connect veterans with each other, but also to others offering support.

“The military is just a wonderful place, as an Army veteran myself, I can recall it’s a wonderful place for feeling a sense of belonging, purpose, teamwork… you know the mission, and it’s important. And when you separate from that, you may either lack some skills that are relevant in the civilian job market, or you may have a tough time even just with finding what your new place is in a community that you haven’t been part of in a while,” Stradley said.

If veterans would like to attend the job fair, no registration is required. You are asked to bring your DD-214 or VA ID. If you don’t have either, you’re still welcome to attend. Lunch and giveaways are provided.

You can learn more about the Stand Down job fair by clicking here or by calling (585) 546-1081.