ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Anyone who owns a car has been feeling the burden of gas prices continuing to rise, but few have seen it as bad as businesses that rely on transportation.

A local trucking company shared what impact this has had on their profits and customers.  

The average price of diesel around the Greater Rochester Area sits at $6.50 per gallon. Now imagine paying that to fill up a 300-gallon tank on an 18-wheeler.

Lakeville Trucking has had no choice but to pass it on to consumers to make up the difference.  

Each week, Lakeville Trucking has more than two dozen truckers ship freight up and down the east coast and as far west as Oklahoma. Just to fill up one full tank costs the company over $1600 these days.  

“We’re averaging over $1 a mile in fuel right now,” said Migliorina, Vice President of Lakeville Trucking. 

Gas prices surging has not forced Lakeville Trucking to lay off employees or cut back on shipments. But John Migliorina has seen its profits drop even after they pass on higher costs to its clients.  

“A lot of the customers have set contracted pricing that needs to be maintained,” Migliorina said. “But it’s just hard right now for everybody. They have their pricing set and don’t want to adjust so we move on and look for freight that will pay for more.” 

Migliorina is appreciative of the gas tax that takes effect in June. But he feels more oil production in the U.S would be a better long-term solution. Experts at AAA explain several factors that go into the cause of this gas price hike.  

“With a lot of the things happening in the European Union and Russia or Ukraine with the uncertainty of crude oil prices changing,” AAA Communications Specialist Valerie Puma said. “That’s why we’re seeing record high prices.” 

AAA-rated these gas prices as the highest ever recorded in Central and Western New York. For drivers of cars and regular pick-up trucks, gas in New York averages $4.76 per gallon. A 24 cents jump compared to last week. 

Before hitting the road this Summer, Rashid Owens of Rochester has been thinking of putting off vacation trips because of how expensive gas is.  

“I was going to go to the 1,000 islands soon,” Ownes said. “But I think that’s one of the things I’m going to hold back. Gas prices are a little too high and me taking a 6-hour drive is too much.” 

When driving to work Lately, David Maynes of Henrietta has put off filling up his tank in full. To cut back on spending at the pump.  

“I put in $20, and it got me 4.1 gallons,” Maynes of Henrietta said.  

Across the Greater Rochester Area, the average price per gallon of gas hit $4.70 cents this week. The third highest in all Central and Western New York according to AAA. But experts don’t see it impacting summer travel.  

“AAA predicts about 39.2 million people are going to be traveling across the country at least 50 miles or more from home this Summer or Memorial Day weekend,” Puma said. “I think a lot of this is this pinned-up demand to really get out of the house, especially after the past couple of years with the pandemic.” 

Even with gas prices typically rising again over the Summer, there are ways drivers can change their habits behind the wheel and monitor car maintenance closely to save money.  

“That tire pressure is low then your car is working harder and using up more gasoline to get going,” Puma stated. “Even just day to day plan out your map ahead of time kind of driving the same route so you’re not going back and forth to the house super often. If you can avoid rush hour that’s perfect.”