ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — South Wedge restaurant, CRISP Rochester received a homophobic and hateful letter Thursday calling the owner’s “gay lifestyle” evil.

Co-owner Wendi Loyet said she was afraid to go to work the next day, fearing the windows to her brand new restaurant would be shattered.

Loyet has been married to her wife and business partner, Valerie for almost 9 years. They opened up CRISP Rochester in April 2022, serving modern comfort food with a southern twist. The two moved up to Rochester from Texas four years ago, saying they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“We just love it up here.” Wendi Loyet said.

As much as Loyet loves the city, she said she never expected to be sent a letter in the mail calling her lifestyle “evil.”

“Yesterday, we got this package in the mail, and I opened it up it was just really surprising. This is a little hate letter and someone’s handwritten Bible,” Loyet explained.

The letter reads:

“Dear lesbian co-owners, please don’t throw away this book in the garbage can. It cost me some important money to mail it to you. Your gay lifestyle is evil but the Bible says to overcome evil with good. When I stopped by CRISP Restaurant I noticed all those gay and rainbow advertisements. Pretty sick stuff. Please read “who will go to hell” on page 347 and then read “what is the worst punishment of hell?” on page 267. And then read Romans chapter one on pages 173 and 174. And please don’t believe the lies of now retired catholic bishop Matthew Clark. Many years ago he performed a gay mass and said gay people are not doing anything wrong. That man is a fool. – The committee to stop gay people from spending eternity in the blast furnace of hell. P.S. And also please read page 203 about God’s attitude toward homosexuality.”

Included in the package along with the letter was a book titled, ‘New Believers Bible’ by Greg Laurie.

“They referenced several pages to let us know how we’re gonna burn in hell for our disgusting lifestyle,” Loyet said, “One of the things in their Bible says not to spew hate, not to put the people in their place, not to do that. So it’s interesting that that’s what their method is.”

Loyet posted the letter to her FaceBook page, and in turn, received dozens of supportive messages.

“It kind of extinguishes the fear a little bit that someone’s gonna do something worse than that,” Loyet said.

The South Wedge is a notoriously accepting neighborhood, leaving Loyet and her wife puzzled as to why her business specifically was targeted.

“There are people hiding in the recesses, that have a lot of hate in their hearts. It’s just surprising. It’s an artsy neighborhood, the weirdest place for that kind of hate to get any traction, Loyet said.

Loyet has filed a police report with the Rochester Police Department and says no matter what hate she may receive, she and her wife are here to stay. According to RPD, the situation is currently under investigation.

CRISP Rochester is hosting a Pride Party on July 9. The full menu will be available as well as drink specials. There will be a costume contest, giveaways, and karaoke. All offerings will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.