ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Red Wings Baseball team is gearing up for the start of their 2023 season.

Red Wings General Manager of food and beverages Jeff Desantis is bringing in some changes.

Keith Hillock has been hired as a new chef for the stadium, but that’s not the only addition.

Hillock will be introducing rice bowls and his own specialty tacos to the menu as well.

“Definitely excited, we like the new things that he’s bringing to the table and uh, you’ll definitely see some new ideas from him,” Desantis said. “For those folks who like to come to multiple games, you know, they’re going to hopefully see some new items and maybe get some new favorites.”

Desantis says that the team will be setting up a main cart area for fans entering the stadium.

They are hoping to have various specials from Hillock offered at the cart throughout the season.