ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Cameron Community Ministries, a Rochester nonprofit, is based not far from where Monday’s warehouse fire broke out on Otis Street.

Their usual mission continued Tuesday to help clothe and feed those in need, especially those nearby who may have been affected.

Staff at Cameron Ministries say they were wrapping up an after-school program Monday night, when they were met with the plumes of smoke. Now, volunteers are lending a hand to those who were displaced.

“It was a lot of smoke. The wind was blowing. It was really bad,” said Qutisha Britt, the clothing house manager at Cameron Ministries.

With the nonprofit only a block away from the scene, Britt says she knew the situation would be extensive despite the warehouse being vacant.

“We have a lot of homeless people over here, people with nowhere to go, and those are the people we’re trying to reach and connect and make sure they’re okay,” said Britt.

Leaders with Cameron Ministries decided to step up, while continuing their daily mission.

Tuesday, those needs increased with volunteers handing out meals to those they regularly serve, and those who might have been affected by the fire.

“This is one of the main areas where we have the prostitution, the homelessness, the people who are on drugs real bad. So, a hot meal kind of gets people throughout the day. Something as simple as a hat, a scarf, some gloves to get them through, so they figure out their next steps,” said Britt.

Each bagged lunch was delivered by volunteers with a handwritten note of encouragement.

“Mainly, we’re just trying to be that encouraging word or encouraging person that just lets them know, you know, you might be going through this situation at the moment, but something greater is coming out of it,” said Britt.

Cameron Ministries is also partnering with the American Red Cross to further assist in providing food and clothing to five families who have been displaced. They say that’s nearly two dozen people. 

To learn more about the resources Cameron Ministries offers, visit their website.