ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A first-of-its-kind event is being held this weekend in Webster for those battling colon cancer. 

Cancer Hope Strong is taking place on Saturday in Webster. Stephen Yacoub started the event in honor of two moms who lost their lives to colon cancer, a disease Yacoub is battling himself.

One of the moms is named Sara Ewing, who used to live in Florida. 

“She began her journey and she was on my podcast, and we talked for a little while, and we had this relationship and we’ve given prayers to each other and motivation and little tactics to try to counteract side effects with chemo,” Yacoub said.

“Unfortunately, she passed away, but we need to change the narrative. And the narrative is basically living amidst the disease, living fullest every day, so even if you do pass away from cancer, you’re still not losing the battle of cancer.”

Yacoub said the event is also in honor of Amy Brewer, a Rochester mother who recently lost her life to stage four colon cancer. 100% of donations from the benefit will go to the two families. 

“The families come in because they’re local,” Yacoub said. “There are always bills to pay and always things to pay after somebody leaves and hardships.”

The first annual cancer fundraiser is an athletic competition that includes a ‘Strong man, Strong Woman’ event and a deadlift event. Teens and adults are encouraged to attend, even those who are beginners! 

“It’s so heartwarming to have so many fitness sponsors and companies across the country,” Yacoub said. “We’ve got over 20 high-level sponsors giving us so much product that we’re going to do raffles at auction. Then, of course, you get to see some fun lifts.”

The event will also include food and numerous vendors. Yacoub, who is battling stage four colon cancer, said he’s incredibly excited to give back to others. 

“I just want to give back even though I’m fighting, I’ve been fighting myself stage four colon cancer for over two years, over 34 rounds of chemo, still going strong,” Yacoub said. “I try to give back when I feel good, and the times that I don’t feel good, I rest and get stronger.”

Yacoub is also using the event as a way to bring attention to colon cancer awareness. He says around the time when you turn 45, you should get a colonoscopy to help catch and prevent colon cancer.

“It’s just heartwarming to have these conversations with these people and connect with them, and unfortunately, I have lost several people that have built relationships with them, and there’s several people still going strong, like me, and just still in the flight,” he said. “God-willing, I’m still here and while I’m still here, I just want to continue carrying the torch and spread awareness.” 

Cancer Hope Strong kicks off at 10 a.m. on July 30 at 877 Bannerwood Drive in Webster. Spectator tickets are $15 and kids under the age of 14 get in for free. 

You can get tickets for the event by clicking here, or donate via Venmo to Stephen-Yacoub.