ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Pontillo’s Pizza in the Village of Pittsford shut down after the town code enforcement officer uncovered code violations inside the restaurant, according to an online statement released by Town Supervisor Bill Smith.

Smith said that on September 13, law enforcement and ambulance crews responded to the restaurant for a man unresponsive in his car behind the restaurant. They treated a man in the parking lot for an overdose. When he woke up, he told first responders he worked at the restaurant.

After an investigation, the town code enforcement officer found needles in the bathroom, on tables in the dining area, and in the food prep area. Two baggies suspected to contain heroin were also discovered. According to deputies, there was no evidence of drug sales found on the premises.

The Monroe County Health Department, after an investigation, identified approximately 60 health code violations, including grease build-ups and expired fire extinguishers.

The business was closed and Mayor Alyssa Plummer said that the building may not reopen until all the violations are rectified.

If and when Pontillo’s Pizza opens again, it must be cleared by the Village of Pittsford and the Monroe County Health Department.

Read the health inspection summary report:

Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith issued the following statement:

“The Town has received a number of calls asking questions about the Village Administration’s closure of Pontillo’s on State Street in the Village of Pittsford. On Tuesday September 13th the Sheriff’s Office, Pittsford Ambulance and the Pittsford Fire Department received a 911 call about a person in distress in a car parked behind Pontillo’s on State Street in the Village of Pittsford. First responders found a man showing obvious symptoms of a drug overdose. They were able to awaken him and learned that he worked at Pontillo’s. Among the responders were the Village and Town Code Enforcement Officers, who also serve as the respective Village and Town Fire Marshals. Once the safety of the person who overdosed was secured, the Town Code Enforcement Officer entered Pontillo’s. He observed drug paraphernalia including used needles in the bathroom, on tables in the dining area and in the food preparation area. He found two small bags containing what he considered, under the circumstances, may have been heroin. He made the Village Code Enforcement Officer and the Sheriff’s Deputies aware of his observations.

The responders summoned the Monroe County Health Department. The Health Department identified approximately 60 Health Code violations. The Village Code Enforcement Officer/Fire Marshall identified significant Fire Code violations including grease build-up, expired fire extinguishers and expired inspections of the ANZUL system, a system that activates automatically to extinguish fire in the cooking area. On the basis of these violations the Village Code Enforcement Officer/Fire Marshal condemned the premises and ordered its closure. This means that the building may not reopen until all code violations have been corrected and the building has been approved to re-open by the Village of Pittsford and by the Monroe County Health Department.As this is a matter under Village jurisdiction if you have any questions you can contact the Village Administration at 586-4332.”

Pittsford Mayor Alysa Plummer’s Statement:

A statement from the office of Mayor Alysa Plummer. We are issuing a statement about the circumstances occurring on September 13th at Pontillo’s Pizza located in Pittsford Village. Until we had received verification directly from the Sheriff’s Department, we did not want to pass along incorrect information. The events occurred as follows: A person was found parked in their car behind Pontillo’s. They were unresponsive to knocking on the window. The car was locked. A medical call was placed to 911. On arrival by first responders, the person in the car was awake and talking. The person was evaluated, and the situation was deemed non-life threatening. It was also determined the person in the car was affiliated with Pontillo’s. On entering Pontillo’s needles were found. Under New York State law possession of needles, specifically, is not illegal. According to the Sheriff’s Office they did not find evidence of drug sales on the premises. The Town Code Enforcement Officer was called at this time and, because Pontillo’s is under Village jurisdiction, he immediately called the Village Building Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) who also is the Village Fire Marshall.

The Monroe County Health Department also was called to the premises. The Village CEO/ Village Fire Marshall found a number of violations regarding fire and building codes and immediately issued an order to close the business. Regardless of the circumstances with the person found in the car and the Sheriff’s response, the CEO/Fire Marshall did his job taking quick action on behalf of the public’s safety. Pontillo’s will only be permitted to reopen when the outstanding code violations have been rectified. Again, bear in mind the actions taken by the Village Code Enforcement Officer would have occurred regardless of the circumstances of the compromised person in the car. The prompt actions taken by our Village code enforcement officer and all other agencies involved in this situation is greatly appreciated.