ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Some people may prefer renting Airbnbs instead of hotels when it comes to booking trips — but for those traveling in New York, those prices may go up in the future.

A new bill will place some new taxes on Airbnb and its consumers, such as occupancy and sales tax — something you would normally see when booking hotels.

This would result in an increased cost of operating Airbnbs for owners and an increased price for those looking to rent.

In addition to taxes, the legislation would also require properties to be properly registered, meet safety requirements, keep a record of bookings, and insure the property.

With these new price increases, local attorney Ryan McCall says the benefits could be seen elsewhere.

“I think realistically who’s going to benefit the most will be New York State. They would see an influx of tax revenue associated with it,” McCall said. “I think you would see hotels begin to see more revenue as a result of increased costs because they already have those types of taxes factored into what they’re already doing.”

On a separate matter in Canandaigua, Airbnb sent a notice to local owners recently to explain that the city is considering a restriction on the number of nights owners can rent their property each year to 30 nights.

Canandaigua’s City Council is expected to hold a public meeting on the matter on August 1.