SODUS, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester, and surrounding areas are facing one of the slowest winters in recent memory. As of January 16, only 11.5″ of snow has fallen at the airport, leading many to get excited over amounts of snow they never thought they would. Including Kevin Spear the owner of Brantling Ski Slopes Inc.

“Pretty bad when you get excited over 2 to 3 in of snow usually it’s 2 ft we get excited about”, said Spear.

Ahead of the long weekend though they did get the boost they needed, and now have more open than ever this winter.

We don’t have everything open we would like to but you know we’re gaining,” said Spear.

The slow winter only means the time on the slopes is that much more valuable and according to Spear the community is behind him all the way

“We have a wonderful community and a lot of people support it here and they love it here,” said Spear. “All of our kids are pretty much all local through the instructors […] lift help is all local,”

To make up for the lack of natural snow, he has had to rely heavily on artificial snow and whatever cold he could to keep the slopes open, but it does come at a price

“We are definitely more into more snow-making hours than what we typically would do […] my system all runs off diesel fuel so you know that’s added expense,” said Spear.

Diesel remains one of the most expensive fuels on the market. Triple A currently has the national average at $4.59 a gallon, and New York’s at $5.27 a gallon. Nevertheless, hope remains strong for the rest of the winter season ahead.

“If we get winter moving in here within the next week or two and we finish strong the rest of the year it’s really you know we’re good we’re fine,” said Spear.

The hope is that winter can kick into gear before Presidents Day Weekend, which Spear added was the next big holiday weekend they’re preparing for on the slopes.