ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A wine-tasting bar called “Unwine’d” in Rochester is now open. Owners Jim Muir and Paula Miceli call it their soft open phase and are hosting a grand opening September 30.

The midtown location is at 260 E. Broad St., and is across from Branca. Parking is recommended in the Midtown Garage. They are open everyday, except Tuesdays, when they only host private events.

Unwine’d has a unique take on the wine-tasting model that was born after the two took a trip to the Cayman Islands. What started off as a 40th birthday vacation, turned into the start of a new business.

“One day we were shopping, and it rained, which is never does there, and we scurried for cover into a wine and spirits retail store and we found this wonderful concept,” he said. “You get an interactive smart card, you go up to the machine, you use it like a tap to pay credit card, you put in on the machine on the far left, it’ll give you the choice for a 2 or 4 or 6-ounce pour.

Muir had spent the last 20 years in customer service, and decided it was time to be a first-time business owner. Four years later, Unwine’d is now open.

They have a selection of 40 wines that rotate monthly, all at different price points. But they have beer and sparkling drinks too, along with small plates of food, along with a dip of the month; not to mention their own wine and spirits retail shop next door.

Miceli says its more than just a way to get low-pressure tastings.

“It’s really about unwinding, relaxing, letting people feel comfortable while they’re here, enjoying each other, and the wine, and the space,” she said.