ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Ontario County is launching a new campaign to reduce plastic straw waste in local restaurants.

The “Every Sip Counts” initiative began on February 24, which is National Skip the Straw Day. Participating restaurants will stop distributing straws to every customer automatically, instead only giving them to customers who ask.

According to the Ontario County Department of Sustainability and Solid Waste Management, some businesses have already implemented this opt-in approach, either with plastic straws or paper straws.

“Plastics are not biodegradable, really all they do is break down into smaller and smaller fragments, and so we want people to try to get out of the habit of using single-use plastics and opt instead for things like stainless steel straws, or not using them at all,” Ontario County Director of Sustainability and Solid Waste Management Carla Jordan said.

“Many residents in our county already value our region’s environmental health and have adopted behaviors like skipping the straw or using reusable utensils when they are out,” said Carla Jordan, the Director of the Ontario County Department of Sustainability & Solid Waste Management. “Every Sip Counts is a great way for businesses to show their customers that they value it too, by helping reduce the use of single use plastics in their establishments.”

Businesses interested in participating received free window decals, table tents, and pins at a kickoff event on Friday.