ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Progress is being made on the rebirth of the Rose City Drive-In in Newark — as the owner of the new property is showing off an example of modernizing the vintage drive-in.

The new owner of the drive-in has shown off the theater’s new digital marquee sign, which they say was constructed by Empire Digital Signs.

The drive-in provided images of the construction of the new sign, which you can check out in this slideshow:

The owners of Empire Digital Signs posted on their blog that they were excited to be selected to help construct the new sign, which was meant to honor the original sign that stood there when it was opened.

Paul Cole, the new owner of the Rose City Drive-In, says that the sign will be used as a billboard of sorts — people and organizations may send in advertisements to be displayed and the sign will show off community events.

The drive-in closed approximately 40 years ago — and it wasn’t until recently when the new owner, Paul Cole, invested half a million dollars to bring the theatre back.

The new sign even displays when the drive-in is expected to re-open — Spring 2024!